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Kazakhstan is:

Kazakhstan is:

  • Capital Nur-Sultan
  • Hospitality and culture
  • Trilingualism and tolerance
  • Economic and technical development

Nur-Sultan is the city of the future

Nur-Sultan is the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which received official status on December 10, 1997. Nur-Sultan achieved worldwide recognition in 1999. The capital of independent Kazakhstan was awarded the UNESCO “City of the World” Award. For 20 years, Nur-Sultan has been transformed into the largest cultural megalopolis of the Eurasian region, which in a short time achieved impressive achievements in socio-economic, political and cultural development having realized the goals of strengthening international cooperation.

At the present stage, Nur-Sultan is the center of all processes taking place in contemporary Kazakhstan. A unique image of the city capable of accomplishing the strategic tasks of our state in the 21st century is being formed.

Culture and hospitality

Kazakhstan has gone through a long period of development, in which many people have participated. Kazakhstan is the successor of the cultural heritage of all the peoples who took part in its formation. As such, the Kazakh people are considered one of the richest nations in cultural terms. Kazakhstan is also featured by its natural hospitality generated by a nomadic way of life and numerous ethnic groups. Nomadic Kazakhs have developed their own way of thinking and social organization, which is a synthesis of cognitive forms of the West and the East. As a result of this mixture, traditions, rituals and customs have received the greatest development.

Tolerance and trilingualism

Over the years of independence, Kazakhstan has become one of the few countries in the modern world, whose policies emphasize harmonization of all aspects of life. In Kazakhstan tolerance is a basic characteristic of the state course and an important factor in its successful and confident development.

Tourism, geography and fauna

Kazakhstan is a country located in the very center of the Eurasian continent encompassing the lands of Europe, Siberia and Central Asia with its vast expanses. Due to its unique geographical location and size of the territory, Kazakhstan characterized by an extraordinary variety of landscapes and climatic zones such as high mountains and endless steppes, full-flowing lakes and lifeless deserts, green forests and flood meadows, which is just a small portion of what nature has generously endowed this land.

As such, modern Kazakhstan provides almost any of the existing types of tourism including entertainment, educational, ethnic, ecological and etc. A huge number of routes throughout the vast territory of the country awaits the travelers. A unique complex of historical, archaeological and architectural monuments, including the invaluable experience of planning and building cities, has been preserved almost intact in local towns. Moreover, Kazakhstan is also famous for its wide variety of wildlife due to its physical extent and contrast of habitats

Economic and technical development

The economy of Kazakhstan is the largest economy in Central Asia. The country possesses immense oil reserves, as well as minerals and metals. Kazakhstan also has a significant agricultural potential, with its vast steppe lands containing both livestock and grain production, as well as a developed space infrastructure that enables International Space Station to launch spacecraft.

The mountains in the south provides an excellent environment for growing apples and walnuts as both species grow there even in the wild. The industrial sector of Kazakhstan is based on the extraction and processing of natural resources as well as on a relatively large machine-building sector specializing on construction equipment, tractors, agricultural equipment and military products.



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Visa is issued free of charge.

Additional information on visas can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan http://mfa.gov.kz/en/visa


What to visit
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Altyn Emel is a national natural park located on the territory of Kazakhstan. One of the most amazing historical sites of this park is the 1.5 km long and up to 120 m high. Singing Dune.

Kaindy Lake is located within the coniferous forests 130 kilometers from Almaty. The main feature of the lake are spruces rising straight from the water. A water in the lake regularly changes color, and is often blue in color. There is a beautiful alpine landscape around Kaindy Lake.

The Borovoye resort area is situated 250 km north of Nur-Sultan. It is located at an altitude of 480 m above sea level in a pine forest. The people of Kazakhstan dubbed Borovoye a “Pearl of Kazakhstan” for the unique beauty of the landscape in combination with magnificent forests, medical lakes and rich pine needles.

Charyn Canyon is also called the “Valley of Castles”. This amazing creation is located in 200 km from Almaty. The millennial weathering of sedimentary rocks led to the appearance of rocks, towers and columns, turning the canyon into one of the most picturesque places in Kazakhstan. The age of this monument of nature is about 12 million years.

“Medeu” is a sports complex built in the mountain hole Medeo at the altitude of 1691 meters above sea level, near the southern capital of Kazakhstan – Almaty. This is one of the world's largest complexes for winter sports, contests in skating sport, hockey and figure skating. The ice surface occupies 10.5 thousand sq.m. Soft climate in the gorge, optimal level of solar radiation, not high atmospheric pressure, gentle breeze and clean glacial water – all this provided high-mountain skating rink with wide popularity.

The Big Almaty Lake is located 28.5km south of Almaty up a gorge of the Bolshaya Almatinka River, 2,511m above sea level. The mountains Sovetov, Ozyorny and Turist form a backdrop on all sides to the lake, producing some spectacular reflections, changing colour throughout the seasons.

Tamgaly Gorge – unique concentration of rock carvings (petroglyphs), located about 170 km north-west of Almaty in Anrakay Mountains. Drawings of the archaeological landscape Tamgaly are one of the oldest and are dated XIV - XVI centuries. Incredibly beautiful Buddha images were found right here. Gorge consist of huge (up to 60 m) cliffs.

Khan-Tengri Peak, famous for its extraordinary picturesqueness, extends to the Tien Shan on the border of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and China. Rare mountains can compare in beauty with this snow giant. In the world, there are very few mountains comparable by their beauty with this snow-clad giant. The sunset at the Peak is stunning: surrounding mountains are drowning in the dusk while the Peak, dominating over all other mountains around, turns flaming red in the rays of the sitting sun and clouds cast twirling shadows streaming down its slopes. “Khan-Tengry” - “The Master of the Sky” in the Mongolian language, from time immemorial is known to native local inhabitants, Kyrgyz, as “Kan-Too” - “Blood Mountain” (“kan” means “blood”, “too” - “mountain”).

Kolsay Lakes is one of the most beautiful places of Kazakh nature. They are also called a blue necklace of Northern Tien Shan. And it is quite understandable – such beauty cannot be found anywhere! In the Kazakh language “Kolsay” means “a lake in the valley”, indeed, all three lakes are situated in the eastern part of the picturesque Kungei Tau gorge, 300 km from Almaty. The lakes are located at 1800m, 2250m and 2700m above sea level. The Kolsay River originates from glaciers, located in the Kungei Alatau mountain ridges, and falls, in turn, to each of the three lakes: Verkhneye, Mynzholki and Nizhneye. The water in the lakes is fresh. Kolsay Lakes are very deep.

Kok Zhailau is a tract on the territory of the Ile-Alatau State National Natural Park, located from east to west between the Small and Large Almaty Gorges 10 km from the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. The absolute height of the tract - 1450-1740 m above sea level. This is a plateau under the Kumbel peak with a view of the city of Almaty, the ski resort "Chimbulak", the tract "Medeu" and the Big Almaty peak.

Merke (from Kazakh - Merkі) - Turkic sanctuary, located near the village of Merke in the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan. Due to its location in an inaccessible place, the sanctuary has been preserved in good condition and allows us to trace the development of the culture of the Turkic nomads for almost a whole millennium. In 1998, the Merke Sanctuary was included on the provisional UNESCO World Heritage List.

Katon-Karagay State National Park is the largest national park in Kazakhstan. Its area exceeds half a million hectares. Katon-Karagai is located in the most picturesque region of Southern Altai and, being in Kazakhstan, borders on one side with Russia, and on the other with China. This is the largest specially protected natural object in Kazakhstan. The territory is remote, inaccessible and unusually picturesque.

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